The Notebook: Issue 13

Hi there,
Welcome to the November issue of ‘The Notebook’.
This is a list of books, movies, blog posts,
interviews, video clips and other stuff
I found interesting and feel worth sharing.
I hope you’ll like some of the stuff I am sharing.
If you have any feedback, please drop me a line…
Here it goes…


A Book Worth Sharing:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck By Mark Manson

“The opposite of every other book. Don’t try. Give up. Be wrong. Lower your standards. Stop believing in yourself. Follow the pain. And oh yeah, kill yourself. Each point is profoundly true, useful, and more powerful than the usual positivity. Succinct but surprisingly deep, I read it in one night, then read it again a month later.”

That’s what Derek Sivers wrote in his blog. And he is right. You can read it in one night and you will want to reread it again.

Read Derek Sivers’ complete review here

Another one…

“More than a practical guidebook to choosing what’s important in our lives and what’s unimportant, it’s a brutally honest and much needed reality check about our personal problems, fears and expectations. It’s a bold confrontation of self, our painful truths, faults and uncertainties, without all the positive airy fairy fluff we’ve been spoon-fed to believe by self-help gurus.

Think positive?

“Fuck positivity,” Manson says. “Let’s be honest; sometimes things are fucked up and we have to live with it.”

Seek happiness?

“The path to happiness is a path full of shit heaps and shame,” he remarks.

By far, my favorite quote in the book.” – Tree Franklyn

Read the complete review here


A Movie Worth Sharing:

Dust In The Wind By Hou Hsiao-hsien

This 1986 masterpiece from Taiwanese filmmaker Hou Hsiao-hsien is a must-watch for all film lovers. I have watched it at least three times and will watch it again.

‘Dust in the Wind’ is a great starting point if you’ve never seen a Hou Hsiao-hsien film.


An Idea Worth Sharing:

The ‘real you’ is a myth – we constantly create false memories to achieve the identity we want

This is kind of unnerving and yet, a profound truth…


A Quote Worth Sharing:

“Twitter makes you love people you’ve never met and Facebook makes you hate people you’ve known your whole life.” – Ed Latimore


Random Stuff:

How I Wrote Arrival (and What I Learned Doing It)

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer shares notes and extracts from early drafts as he breaks down how he adapted Ted Chiang’s “Story of Your Life.


Thanks for reading.






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