The Notebook: Issue 16

Hi there,

Welcome to the 2019 February issue of ‘The Notebook’.

This is a list of books, movies, blog posts,

interviews, video clips and other stuff

I found interesting and feel worth sharing.

I hope you’ll like some of the stuff I am sharing.

If you have any feedback, please drop me a line…

Here it goes…

A Book Worth Sharing:

Grotesque” by Natsuo Kirino  

The book is a little difficult to get into. But once you get past that… you’ll not regret it.

Here, in her own words…

“I really enjoyed writing it, but I feel like it’s a bit difficult to get into. There’s this constant issue of the narrator’s ambiguity and the question of whether or not she’s actually reliable. It’s like Rashomon: Can the information she gives be trusted? Or is it a lie? Grotesque was a hit in Japan, but I was really surprised. I thought it was more of a self-indulgent work that would never become popular the way it did.”

Read the complete interview here

A Movie Worth Sharing:

Roma” by Alfonso Cuaron

This film is on Netflix. So anyone can watch it with Netflix subscription.

But read Austin Kleon’s comment about watching the film on a big screen…

“The picture was striking on the big screen, but I thought the sound was actually what made it worth seeing in the theater.

Much has been made over seeing Roma on the big screen — the filmmakers have even posted a guide to TV settings for getting the best picture. I’ve yet to hear anyone argue that you should go to the theater for the sound. I don’t see a guide to sound settings. That—the perfect ambient sound in a large theater like the Capitol in Gordon Square here in Cleveland—is what I doubt you could get at home from your TV, without expensive speakers.” – Austin Kleon

An Idea Worth Sharing:

Stay Alive, Get Weird

Well, just click the link above…

A Quote Worth Sharing:

“And people get all fouled up because they want the world to have meaning as if it were words… As if you had a meaning, as if you were a mere word, as if you were something that could be looked up in a dictionary. You are [the] meaning.”

-Alan Watts ( Via ‘Kevin Rose’ )

Random Stuff:

Coolest Things I learned in 2018

There are many gems here. My favourite two…

Old Status Symbols:

  • Luxury goods
  • Position of authority
  • Busy-ness
  • Endorsed by establishment

New Status Symbols:

  • Fitness
  • Position of influence
  • Flexible schedule
  • Creative Output
  • Self-actualization
  • Independent

How camera lenses change the shape of your face


Thanks for reading.

Take care and have a nice month…


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