Welcome to the 2019 May issue of ‘The Notebook’.
This is a list of books, movies, blog posts, interviews, video clips and other stuffI found interesting and feel worth sharing.I hope you’ll like some of the stuff I am sharing.

If you have any feedback, please drop me a line…Here it goes…

A Book Worth Sharing:

21 Lessons for the 21st Century  by  Yuval Noah Harari

“An obscure Israeli academic writes a Hebrew-language history of humanity. Translated into English in 2014, the book sells more than a million copies. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg includes it in his book club in 2015. Ridley Scott wants to turn it into a TV series. Barack Obama says it gave him perspective on “the core things that have allowed us to build this extraordinary civilization that we take for granted”. It’s sales spike when it is mentioned on Love Island. That book was Sapiens, which is bold, breezy and engaging, romping its way from the discovery of fire to the creation of cyborgs in less than 500 pages. The future-gazing follow-up, Homo Deus, was also a global bestseller, and now Harari has turned his attention to the present with 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.” – Helen Lewis I am a fan of Harari. And I’ll definitely reread the book a second and third time… Read Bill Gates’ review of the book here

A Movie Worth Sharing:

One of the most beautiful films I have seen in my life…

Paterson by Jim Jarmusch

“Great poets are masters of words, but their most finely tuned skill is often simple attentiveness: to the matches on the kitchen counter, the water slipping over the boulders in the falls, the beer softly frothing in the half-drunk mug.”Read the complete review here

An Idea Worth Sharing:

Phones smash, notebooks bend

“People sometimes ask me why I don’t use a phone to take notes when I’m ‘out’ in the field. The answer is that phones smash, while notebooks bend. I also like the way that notebooks record where they’ve been not just in terms of what’s written in them, but also in terms of the wear they bear as objects.” – Robert Macfarlane
A Quote Worth Sharing:
“If we can forgive what’s been done to us… If we can forgive what we’ve done to others… If we can leave our stories behind. Our being victims and villains. Only then can we maybe rescue the world.”—Chuck Palahniuk ( Via Tim Ferris 5-Bullet Friday )

Random Stuff:

Ominous Views Of Japan’s New Concrete Seawalls


Thanks for reading.

Take care and have a nice month…

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