The Girl with Striped Top

Artiste (Marcella), 1910
by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Recently I was reading on “Expressionism” in art as preparation for my class. And I came across this painting “Artiste (Marcella), 1910 by German painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.
It’s difficult to pinpoint why I like this painting so much!
Is it the simplicity of form! Is it the dominance of colour green! Is it the white cat sleeping blisfully in the corner! Is it her relaxed posture! Is it her striped green top! Is it the composition… the fact that she is so close to us and yet we can’t see her face! Is it her face… which has an innocence and yet her face is mysterious! Is it the top angle of the frame!
It’s painted in 1910… 110 years back… and yet it feels so contemporary… It has a feel of capturing a spontaneous, fleeting moment… I find it extremely sensual too… and yet serene…
Thank you, Kirchner…

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