The Notebook: Issue 10

Hi there,
Welcome to the July issue of ‘The Notebook’.
This is a list of books, movies, blog posts,
interviews, video clips and other stuff
I found interesting and feel worth sharing.
I hope you’ll like some of the stuff I am sharing.
If you have any feedback, please drop me a line…
Here it goes…
A Book Worth Sharing –
This is the best book I have read, on cinema,
I can recommend this book to anyone.
People who are not even associated
with cinema, will find it mesmerizing.
Here’s the New York Times review,
published in 1983.
If you have not read it yet, get a copy.
A Movie Worth Sharing –
This is one of my most favourite films and
one of the best lesbian romance I have ever seen.
The film won the Palme d’Or
The actresses were also given the Palme
as a special prize.
At Cannes, the film shocked some critics
with its long and graphic sex scenes.
Kechiche dedicated the award to “the youth of France”
and the Tunisian Revolution, where “they have
the aspiration to be free, to express themselves
and love in full freedom”.
The judging panel included Steven Spielberg,
An Idea Worth Sharing –
I came across this article on Farnam Street Blog.
Here’s what it is about…
“Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett’s mentor
and teacher, gave them a quiz…
“He gave us a quiz,” Buffett said, “A true-false quiz.
And there were all these guys who were very smart.
He told us ahead of time that half were true and
half were false.
There were 20 questions.
Most of us got less than 10 right.
If we’d marked every one true or every one false,
we would have gotten 10 right.”
“It was to illustrate a point, that the smart fellow
kind of rigs the game.
The point, if I have one, is that most of us
are amateurs but we refuse to believe it.
This is a problem because we’re often
playing the game of the professionals.
What we should do in this case,
when we’re the amateur, is play not to lose.”
A Quote Worth Sharing –
“Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
at the end of the day whispering,
‘I will try again tomorrow.’ ”
Random Stuff –
Thanks for reading.

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