The Notebook: Issue 11

Hi there,
Welcome to the August issue of ‘The Notebook’.
This is a list of books, movies, blog posts,
interviews, video clips and other stuff
I found interesting and feel worth sharing.
I hope you’ll like some of the stuff I am sharing.
If you have any feedback, please drop me a line…
Here it goes…
A Book Worth Sharing –
I want to gift a copy of this book to all the
people I know!
If only I had enough money!
If you want to read only one book this year,
then read, “ Ego is the Enemy”.
A Movie Worth Sharing – 
Richard Linklater took more than 12 years
to make this epic ‘coming of age’ film.
“The film director sculpts in time, Tarkovsky said,
and Linklater, with no guarantee about how his
raw material would turn out, has sculpted this
monumental study of a boy.”
Read Peter Bradshaw’s complete review here
I’ll always remember the last line of dialogue…
“. . .it’s constant, the moments, it’s just — it’s like
it’s always right now, you know?
An Idea Worth Sharing –
“By and large, your success will be the sum of
the decisions you make over your career.
The problem is it’s not easy to get better at
making decisions.
A decision journal helps you collect accurate
and honest feedback on what you were thinking
at the time you made the decision.
This feedback helps you see when you were
stupid and lucky as well as when you were
smart an unlucky.
Finally, you can get the feedback you need to
make better decisions.”
Although I have not used the journal until now,
I have found this very interesting and useful concept.
Check the complete blog post here
A Quote Worth Sharing –
– Carl Jung
Random Stuff –
Japanese architect Tadao Ando has concealed
a huge stone statue of the Buddha within a hill
covered in lavender plants at the Makomanai
Takino Cemetery in Sapporo.
It is the perfect example of “seeing is believing”.
Thanks for reading.

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